One thought on “Mayflower Descendant

  1. Paul Nachbar

    Nice to meet this sense I dont think there were any Mayflower descendants in my hometown But i do remember feeling bored and irritated when my fifth grader homeroom and social studies teacher Miss MacAvoy lectured on and on about material we had to memorize but which seemed to have nothing to do with me Or perhaps why was other people’s ancestry so important in a public school class and mine ignored? I’m not sure Miss MacAvoy was Irish American which was another mystery to me and though she had selected the word “Antidisestablishmentarianism” – or against the church of England – as the key term for a word game where I won against the whole class combined I still felt like a performing dog.Or maybe the room was badly heated or air conditioned or I had chronic allergies every day which worsened my mood or I found the teacher too plump for my liking ? I dont recall I said one sarcastic phrase in class which I do not think was a horrible sarcasm which the teacher heard I think but ignored but a kid in back of me named David punched me as hard as he could in the back of my head or ear to either straighten me out and stop such misbehaviors -this may have been true but I never asked he seemed the type to just want to punch people in their heads for any reason and I kind of withdrew without punching him back as he had a mean tortured look I did not want to think deeply about For us this was “social studies” Because I won ‘too many awards that year” Miss MacAvoy had me share the social studies award originally given to me with a friend of mine There was more to it than that but I felt alienated even if i considered myself 100% American from a very early age I think this was just human too no more or less and like everybody else. What was in it for me?


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