I plan to participate in National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo this year OR to just write a book. Anyone out there do NaNoWriMo in the past? What are your thoughts on the event?

No Plot? No Problem! by Chris Baty is a good handbook by the founder.

6 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo

  1. carolyncordon

    My best tip for successfully completing NaNoWriMo is to tell everyone to expect nothing from you for all of November, and most importantly, tie up and gag your inner critic.

  2. Martha Kennedy

    Everyone I know who’s completed the challenge has felt rewarded. 🙂 Their advice ended up, generally, to go for it and don’t worry about anything but meeting the word requirement. You can angst over revisions later. I haven’t done it. That kind of thing doesn’t motivate me but I see its real value as a motivator.

  3. Bridgina Molloy the Wicked Writer, (aka abydos6)

    Hi there Dewisant7,
    I’ve participated several times, and won several times in a row. I’m now ML for the Europe::Ireland::Galway. I love NaNo and would recommend the experience to everyone. Don’t just stick to your region, go explore the forums, there is lots of fun to find there. How to get it done? Realize that this a first draft, and not the full novel, also, don’t stress out. If you need to know anything else, send me a message.


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