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A Day

I was off of work due to an altercation with my boss who was trying to fire me as he had two others before me. I was driving north on Evergreen in South Everett late one afternoon during rush hour traffic. Hundreds of cars were stopped in both directions and I came to a stop a few blocks shy of Airport Road. I witnessed a shouting match going on between a blond kid in an old 1978 Pontiac Trans-Am and a Samoan couple in a small red car. The yelling continued and male Samoan got out of his still running car and went after the young guy in the T/A. Neither one was winning the fight, but the kid was losing bit by bit. At this point the wife/female exploded out of the car leaving the car running with their two kids in the back seat, proceeded into the fracas and showed the finest boxing skills I have ever seen in a woman. Damn, she was good! The kid was losing in a big way after her first few seconds in the fight. A guy got out of the truck in front of me and I got out. We stopped the fight in short order. The Samoan guy still wanted to fight me, but I told him to put his hands away. He didn’t scare me and he knew it. The other Samaritan was a jailer at Snohomish County jail. The cops showed up, took statements, arrested NO ONE, and no one else helped in the least. Months later I received a summons to go to court in Lynwood for this incident. I witnessed case after case being dismissed before they finally got to mine. The judge called the prosecuting attorney up to the bench and proceeded to dismiss the charges. I stood up in court and verbally berated the judge and the proceedings until the judge told the prosecutor to go have a talk with me. I told my story twice with all of these cops and court personnel watching me. The charges were dropped against the wife even though I told them she was the experienced fighter. Months later, after that big Samoan heard I was not backing down, pleaded guilty to all charges.

My Mom

My Driver’s Ed cars were a Chevy Caprice Classic and Chevy Impala. My mom’s car was a 1973 VW Super Beetle. My mom never let me drive her car until the day of my driving test. I learned to drive with an automatic transmission. I drove off to take my driver’s test having never driven a stick before. I stalled it getting out of the driveway and I stalled it all the way down the street. But, I passed my driving test within the hour. My mom was laughing at me driving away, but when I returned with my license she was pissed off.