IQ Goal

My next High IQ goal is to get up for and take take Miller Analogies tests in hopes of becoming a member of Intertel (or higher). Intertel is probably the most well known Top 1% High IQ society.

The Miller Analogies test is used for both a graduate school admissions exam and entrance to High IQ societies. Intertel needs an IQ of 135 to join. Triple Nine Society and TORR need a 145 score. Prometheus needs 160. There are many High IQ societies above Mensa.

Just an Autodidact

I was in a Gifted Child program as a kid. 4th through 6th grade was the first time I felt special. Junior High we were relegated to smart-kid sections. I went to high school hoping for the most amazing experience of my life. I graduated HS with a 2.638 GPA having never opened a textbook, never done homework, never wrote a book report, and never tried. I went to JC to be an auto mechanic. I then joined the United States Air Force to learn to work on aircraft. In Airframe Repair specialist school I tied for first. In NCO school I came in 2nd. I took my skills to Boeing and later retired from Boeing.

About 1997-1998 I had a girlfriend shame me that she was both smarter and had more education than I did. I remembered a book I bought when I got out of the military by John Bear called Earning Degrees by Distance Learning. I started looking around and soon discovered Regents College, a part of the SUNY system. I applied, sent all of my known transcripts from JC and from the Community College of the Air Force. I discovered a website called BA in 4 weeks and wore it out reading and making lists. I bought four big books on the CLEP general tests and marked all of the correct answers. I read only questions and right answers. Soon I had 18 more credits than I started with. I looked at BA in 4 Weeks again and started buying little study books, and after reading two books per test I was soon knocking out other CLEP tests. I have almost two years of college in CLEP tests alone. I discovered DSST tests and did those. I did some ECE tests from Excelsior College and eventually graduated. 3/4 of my BA is by taking nationally standardized tests and that 3/4 of a BA cost me less than $3,000. I taught myself many subjects, but I concentrated in History, Psychology, and Literature credits. After I retired, I earned a Certificate in Writing from the University of Washington. Another NaNoWriMo annual event has started without me.

Regents College (SUNY) became Excelsior College, became Excelsior University.


I never really wanted to finish my BA because, “What am I going to do now” would take over. I was searching for years for a Masters degree that wouldn’t require a Bachelors degree. I found a MS in Astronomy down in Australia and thought about signing up for the qualification courses that would allow me to do that Masters without a BA. I think the cost has gone up/value of money has gone down, but after I sign off here I will take another look.

If you are interested in Astronomy, subscribe to Astronomy magazine or Sky & Telescope. Buy yourself some binoculars like Celestron 7 x 50 that are able to see the moons of Jupiter! Learn the skies with magazines and binoculars. After you know your way around you can go to a Star Party and look through some telescopes. Only then should you buy your first telescope.

My Dilemma

My Dilemma: 

Retired from Boeing, 60 years of age, live in a cabin in the woods.

Become an IT Pro

Get a Masters degree in History, Military History, Humanities, or Psychology.

Just be a Writer.

Huguenot Society

Working on my application to the National Huguenot Society. I descend from at least two Huguenots: Henri Cabanis and Guillaume/William Louis/Lewis. I have known about William Lewis through his grandson John Lewis for 40+ years, the Henri Cabanis lineage is a more recent discovery. I will try and join with Henri Cabanis first.

Masters Degrees

Well APUS has MA in History and MA in Military History.

MA in History has American History or Ancient and Classical History or European History. Others.

MA in Military History has American Revolution or Civil War or World War II. Others.

I have always loved History, my favorites from the two lists are BOLD.

Today’s Thought

I have been medically laid off by Boeing after returning to work there for a few more years. I am retired again! I keep putting in for online jobs to supplement our retirement income, but maybe I should just start writing like all of my heroes have done? Writers like: Ernest Hemingway, Norman Mailer, Jack Kerouac, and many others.