My Tests

BA in Liberal Arts @ Excelsior in 2014

I completed 25 tests: CLEP: Humanities/600, Natural Sciences/530, Social Sciences/History/570, American Literature/65, American Government/59, Intro Educational Psychology/59, English Literature/64, US History I & II/70 & 69, Human Growth and Development/57, Intro Psychology/66, Intro Sociology/59, and Western Civilization I & II/67 & 60; DSST: Business Ethics and Society/432, Civil War and Reconstruction/71, Criminal Justice/434, Intro Modern Middle East/65, Organizational Behavior/65, Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union/65, and Intro World Religions/475; and ECE: Abnormal Psychology/A, Psychology of Adulthood and Aging/B, Research Methods in Psychology/B, and Social Psychology/C.

Capstone in Liberal Studies/A

AA in 2010 from Excelsior.

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