Testing Out

Give the BA in 4 weeks website a read to see how this method of education works. I found this website very early on and it is somewhat dated at this point.

I call InstantCert.com the best $20 per month in education. I recommend joining ASAP to find out the latest on distance education. Take a good look at the thread called Specific Exam Feedback after you join which discusses what is on the tests, how hard the tests are, what to study and what not to study, etc…in essence this is all about the fastest and cheapest way you can possibly go to get a degree in this day and age.

A good method: Join InstantCert and see what all of the various plans are that people have both worked out and followed. Start by getting your transcripts together and then knocking out both CLEP and DSST tests toward your goal. When you have got about 60-90 semester credits under your belt go ahead and contact a college and throw all of your credits at them because by that point you will be mostly done.

I have way more education websites at home so feel free to send me an email and ask any and all questions.


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