When I was a child I found out that school was fascinating and that the possibilities were endless. The more I found out, the more I wanted to know, and the world became fascinating. Junior high was the last time I felt free to learn any and all things. By high school, our choices were being limited to the point that I felt it was a waste of time. College is when you find out that there are limits as to what you can do in a lifetime. Your friends take different courses from you and you find out that some colleges just don’t have majors you are interested in. When a high flyer decides to go to graduate school the end is in sight. The world is no longer amazing with unlimited vistas…you now have to concentrate on what amounts to what can fit on the end of pin. I kept changing my major because I didn’t like being limited. My major went from Psychology, to Literature, to Mathematics, and finally to History. I finished with a Liberal Arts degree with three minors. Perhaps I should have stuck with my initial plan. University of London AB in Philosophy where I would teach myself philosophy and sit for all of my proctored exams at the end. It seems that I need some structure though, so I ended up taking twenty five standardized tests and having my results forwarded to Excelsior College in New York, a state I have yet to visit. In less than one month I will start a series of writing classes in hopes of becoming a writer and in earning a writing certificate…and in becoming an alumni of the University of Washington. Writing Practice every day from here out as per Natalie Goldberg.

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