I think the main reason I would like to get a Masters degree is because I want to belong to something. I have joined so many clubs and organizations over the years and done nothing with that time or money. I just want to belong to something that will have me and make me think to earn my keep to stay there. It’s not much really. I want to be part of something interesting.

2 thoughts on “Another

  1. paulstuartnachbar

    I am not sure if you were aware of this but I created a non high iq high iq society called the Pico Society around the year 2000.I created it because I had taken an iq test called the OCIP which allegedly tested math ability and I became what i now consider peevish, but which may or may not have been around the scoring of one question on the test So as with Karl Marx to Hegel without being any sort of actual Marxist or Hegelian I turned OCIP on its head and created PICO It turned out., as I did not know beforehand-that Pico was a Greek prefix meaning one in a trillion (people) There are very high IQ socities online named Mega (East and West one ‘scientific’ and one ‘metaphysical) -meaning one in a million – as well as Paul Coijman’s Giga, standing for one in a billion How was Pico one in a trillion -while staying in the interesting and non psychotic or grandiose or phony zone? The offhand general assumption perhaps ‘hey only one in a trillion people could figure out all this stuff and or crap in the optimum manner that leaves everybody happy (win win) and doesnt screw anybody over or omit them for any reason I ran the society so to speak in two sessions : one for three years, one for one year. There were about thirty members from all walks of life No rules No dues. No structures Lots of encouragement freedom nurturing and nonsense from me Then i got distracted blew up my own societies and did something else I have a young Muslim friend in Egypt who was fascinated by this and promised -since he said he saw much of my poetry and ideas as role model stuff in a ‘hopelessly screwed up country ” (not sure how he translated me or what i did so had mixed but not entirely negtive feelings there) but he was too busy with psychopharmacology studies Dropped it because better ideas seemed possible and or i was being ‘lazy’ again. Would something “like” this at some point in the future maybe be ‘interesting to you? No promises Nathan Haselbauer once wrote me that my Pico Society which he never joined was ‘better’ than IHIQS because it was much more polymorphous and could ‘turn into anything’ Maybe? On the other hand that may just have been one of the seeds for something that if it germinates or terminates must be essentailly a one man project

  2. Henry

    I to have tried this approach to belonging to something worthwhile. Iv yet to find my place, but have not given in yet. I hope you can find your place that fires your soul and stirs your spirt.


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