Now that we are retired we are thinking about moving. The Caribbean is our first choice. There has to be a beautiful island down there that is affordable to live on. We will see.

I am going to get my PADI certs.

6 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Mindy

    Thank you for visiting my old blog, Literary Liaisons, and liking so many articles. I appreciate that. Though I have retired Literary Liaisons, I leave it up as a resource for writers. I currently blog at my website I hope you stop by sometime. Cheers, Mindy

      1. Mindy

        OH! You were in class. Well thanks for listening. Are you the Camano Island person???? It took me no time to get to Mukilteo, and then 40 minutes on the mukilteo speedway, which is usually 10 minutes. Very icy. Glad you made it home safe. Keep writing. Cheers, Mindy

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