7 thoughts on “MUSIC

  1. paulstuartnachbar

    I like this Sorry if i did not comment earlier Maybe I’ll even say here’ all my fault ?” This is both honest clever and cute.Actually the only person I ever heard using the phrase “just saying” is my black former neighbor Cassandra who always uses it so this is also interesting Being a musician and or a writer in my opinion is totally terrifying and perhaps even more terrifiying than working as a policeman or CIA agent or soldier or guard. Why?There are from my experience worse things that being sick or injured or trapped to the point where one’s own death or severe injury is likely but maybe not inevitable What could be worse? Knowing and remembering how the living react everywhere to any musician or any writer who has not earned a 100 percent secure stable and totally rewarded and positive spot in their hearts minds bodies and souls as it were?What does this mean?Every single writer and or artist who ever lived of any kind probably Worst case possible scenario of course? Poets Worst case possible scenario of course in the 20th -21th century? Poets whose originality and brilliance and qualities of self make no logical sense in terms of anybodys cultural social sexual emotional familial psychometric psychological psychiatric and psychoanalytic assumptions anywhere that is Keep on truckin

  2. Cory Stinehour

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  3. Bernard Rampa

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    Lew, he was the only African-American instructor at the varsity for most of his tenure.

  4. Jack

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  5. Ingeborg

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