An MA in something….

How does one choose what to do a Masters degree in? What your parents did? What your highest GPA was in? Where the market requires more people with Masters degrees? What feels good? What you didn’t spend enough time working on in your Bachelors degree? What your friends think you should do? What your counselor or spouse thinks you should do? If you can afford it or not? Just what exactly??

3 thoughts on “An MA in something….

  1. Martha Kennedy

    Definitely do what you love. It might not lead to a job, anyway. It’s 2 or 3 years in which you can learn things you might not otherwise have the chance to. That said, I hated graduate school, but not because of school. I had a couple of great and inspiring professors who opened a wider world to me, one of whom remains a friend an an inspiration. I chose my field because — based on the paper I did for my senior year at University — I already had a thesis I wanted to write. Ultimately I was more-or-less thrown out of grad school, but allowed to finish on my own. It didn’t matter. My thesis advisor stood by me and I finished well. Without it I would not have known Yeats or Hopkins. ❤


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