Just an Autodidact

I was in a Gifted Child program as a kid. 4th through 6th grade was the first time I felt special. Junior High we were relegated to smart-kid sections. I went to high school hoping for the most amazing experience of my life. I graduated HS with a 2.638 GPA having never opened a textbook, never done homework, never wrote a book report, and never tried. I went to JC to be an auto mechanic. I then joined the United States Air Force to learn to work on aircraft. In Airframe Repair specialist school I tied for first. In NCO school I came in 2nd. I took my skills to Boeing and later retired from Boeing.

About 1997-1998 I had a girlfriend shame me that she was both smarter and had more education than I did. I remembered a book I bought when I got out of the military by John Bear called Earning Degrees by Distance Learning. I started looking around and soon discovered Regents College, a part of the SUNY system. I applied, sent all of my known transcripts from JC and from the Community College of the Air Force. I discovered a website called BA in 4 weeks and wore it out reading and making lists. I bought four big books on the CLEP general tests and marked all of the correct answers. I read only questions and right answers. Soon I had 18 more credits than I started with. I looked at BA in 4 Weeks again and started buying little study books, and after reading two books per test I was soon knocking out other CLEP tests. I have almost two years of college in CLEP tests alone. I discovered DSST tests and did those. I did some ECE tests from Excelsior College and eventually graduated. 3/4 of my BA is by taking nationally standardized tests and that 3/4 of a BA cost me less than $3,000. I taught myself many subjects, but I concentrated in History, Psychology, and Literature credits. After I retired, I earned a Certificate in Writing from the University of Washington. Another NaNoWriMo annual event has started without me.

Regents College (SUNY) became Excelsior College, became Excelsior University.

1 thought on “Just an Autodidact

  1. Tonya LaLonde

    Cool. I wish I had known all that 28 years ago when I started the traditional way through grad school to my doctorate. Could have saved a fortune. Good for you! But if you are a mechanic, why degree? I think mechanics of anything are gifted and wonderful. We need more. But good for you.😆❤️


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