I have spent a very long time worrying about my IQ and for a number of reasons. I have taken IQ tests and joined any/all High IQ societies that would have me eventually belonging to more than a dozen. I decided to go for the gusto and try and join any HiQ societies rated above Mensa. After I join at least one High IQ society above Mensa I started looking around and asking about high end IQ tests. I have now taken at least two high end IQ tests scoring a IQ 137 SD 15 on the self test for International Society for Philosophic Enquiry, but failing to score high enough to join the ISPE. A new social media friend suggested high end tests written by Ivan Ivec. I started printing some up, found one I liked, finished it in really no amount time, and emailed the answers to Ivan in Croatia. I paid the fee and waited three days. With my test results of IQ 147 SD 15, I went looking for High IQ societies to join. I have joined TORR which only accepts people with IQ’s in the top 0.13 percent. I have never been a member of Mensa, now it looks like I don’t have to be.

2 thoughts on “Genius

  1. Tonya LaLonde

    Why? Why does a high IQ matter? Are you not the same person anyway? I ask because I have a high IQ and so what? I am a doctor, so what? I am the same person. It is not my identity and I am wondering why the focus? Is God not more concerned with your heart than your mind? He is. You are loved for you and special because He designed you. He is the important point, you see.😃❤️


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