15 Minutes

I have been dreaming the same dream since I was very young. A group of large barrels are suspended above the ocean and are supported with large ropes. There is an above rope and a below rope portion to this rigging along the waterline. The creatures who live here are Hobbit-like in size and temperament and can travel around the barrels by walking on the suspension ropes. The barrels are far enough above the sea so that seeing what they are walking above is quite difficult. There is a kind of egalitarian government that is quietly agreed upon. No one gets hurt or has problems with one another. The seasons change and weather happens, but the many are quite happy just being left alone to eat the bounty of the water below. How they got there is a matter for conjecture. No one knows for sure what the true history is or is to be passed down. I would think that aircraft would be spotted if this were a tale told in the modern sense, but maybe as an allegory would be best. I know of no better way than to just write and to see what comes out. Nonsense verbs are part of the sing song way they speak. Many a small person would love to live here among the barrels. We shall see what we can let fly.

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