Try Until

When we were all very small our parent(s) made us try until we succeeded in walking. I believe that is almost the last time anyone trys in their life. I have done a number of “try until I gave ups” and a few total defeats along the way, but I have never tried until I succeeded in anything, except walking. Things I might want to try until..? Magician; Writer & Poet; Athlete; Christian? We will see, but I need to try until or I will go crazy.

1 thought on “Try Until

  1. leighholland15

    There are lots of things we try and never give up on when we’re little. Using utensils, potty training, speaking, rolling, crawling, walking, running, reading, writing. When we’re little, all that training is doled out to us. When we’re older, we gain analytical skills, allowing us to weigh cost, risk, and rewards, and decide what to try and when to cut our losses and give up.


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