Another 15 minutes

I start off with a Memoir class in a couple of weeks. I have to follow instructions and write about my past, my past, of a person that I don’t even want to know, me. I really am looking forward to these classes, I just wish I could do them online,but after I graduated from college I said that if I ever do anymore schooling I would do it in person…so we shall see. y problem is that I do not like people and don’t really want to have anything to do with them. What’s next now that I’m retired? I do not know. I just want to get on a motorcycle and ride because that’s all that makes sense to me now that I am faced with the rest of my life. Theo Nestor talks about 26 minute exercises in her book and on her blog. I guess I will look at that before I write again…this afternoon. The best leadership I have ever witnessed was in Scouting followed by the United States Air Force. I saw a company destroy itself over the 0 years that I worked there and I will be very surprised if I have a pension for very long. I am going to give my life, what’s left of it, the best shot I can, but I don’t know what to do from day to day. Holy Catfish I want to go 100 plus on a bike and not give 2 fucks what happens to me. Is that so wrong? I hope and pray that I can stand to be with people for 3 hours out of every week for the next several months. Mouths! That’s what I don’t like about people. Well I have one too so I ill have to learn to live and let live. Just a few minutes to go and I get to do something else! What, I don’t know. I miss many of the people that I have worked with over the years, but I am done with blue collar work for the rest of my life. If I can’t make it on brains then I do not make it. Maybe a little training in the writing arts is what I need. Ciao

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