I have worked long and hard on my family tree. My mom started all of this work back in the 1970’s and gave me copies of what she was able to discover in the early Eighties, but was unable to find a Patriot that we descended from or anything except our “immigrant ancestor” which she said was John Lewis who gave five sons to the American Revolution. We descend from one of his daughters. Over the many years since I have worked on and repaired what she had found and I have even thrown it all out an started again many times. I have two versions of my family tree saved on Ancestry, an almost anything goes version with much of what I have learned and a strict version with only what I can find that record after record supports. I have been doing genealogy for so long that it bores me even to talk about it anymore.

I have traced back to at least 34 Patriots who served in the American Revolution, more on my dad’s side than on my mom’s side, and I have joined the Sons of the American Revolution I intend to maintain that membership for as long as I live. We are in the process of proving a Patriot for my wife, Annie, so that she can join the Daughters of the American Revolution. I have even traced back to the kings and queens of Europe.

I have done dozens of family trees for people. I have traced people back to the Revolution, the Mayflower, Native Americans, and Royalty.

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  1. leighholland15

    I’m also interested in genealogy. I’ve worked on my tree for about 15 years. I was once a member of DAR. I’ve traced 7 Patriots through my father. Through both parents, my tree goes back to European royalty also. Seems we have some things in common! 😀


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