A quick 500 words.

No whining? So I have to write without whining? How does that even work? I’m supposed to have this gift rattling around inside of me, but I don’t know how to get the muse to show up at my door. As I get rolling I need to eradicate the BE verb and use action verbs that can stand on their own. The rain fell softly on the tin roof. Wow is that dull. I have lived a life that I do not realize its potential. If I operate on the premise that I am afraid then at least I have somewhere to start from. I am afraid of becoming famous. That much I know. I am no longer afraid of drinking simply because I have had one beer. I am still afraid of visiting a dentist for any reason. I would much rather read a good book than just about anything else. I need to be loved, but I do not really believe that to be true. I don’t seem old enough to be old, but I remember being young s if it were yesterday. I must be in the continuum of middle age. Any day now my pension will kick in safe as houses. Writing is my new gig and I intend to make the most of it. If I can just write one book I will be happy, win a prize or two and make some money…great. Accept phone calls? No way. I have no real need for vanity apart from having a healthy ego. A certain amount of wealth would do very nicely. I remember riding my old red Schwinn bicycle for whole days without using my hands. I can even remember being able to smell Food, trees, breakfast. Now I can breath, but not smell. I would like to be deaf, I have even asked God to strike me deaf, maybe just so I can smell again. Breakfast would be very nice to smell. I used to Spelunk a bit when I was young and doing something other than reading. I have rappelled and enjoyed that very much. I even climbed Der Zugspitze in West Germany, well it was West Germany at the time. I am a Cold War Veteran. I like that. I spend quite a bit of time thinking about Europe, the history of it and the modern dichotomy that espionage makes use of. I visited castles and drove on Der Autobahn. I was also a Scoutmaster in the Boy Scouts of America and was voted into the Order of the Arrow as an adult. The OA is Scouting version of the National Honor Society. I consider it my highest honor. When I mas outprossesing from Hahn Air Base the Education advisor took several looks at my transcript and asked my why I have joined the military as an Enlisted person I had no real answer for her. I finally finished my BA in 2014 majoring in Liberal Arts because I wanted to major in too many things over the years.

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