I have a Memoir class in like eight days and I don’t even know if I have a voice still. I had a voice at one time and now it’s in hibernation or something. The teacher isn’t letting me know what books to buy or how to prepare in any way so I guess it’s gonna be a writing class and not so much a book work class. The teacher’s name in Theo Pauline Nestor and I have read her two books as well as Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt. I read ‘Tis by Frank McCourt too cuz it kinda extends the story from the Angela’s Ashes. I also bought the book Working it Out: 23 Women Writers, Artists, Scientists, and Scholars Talk About Their Lives and Work which includes a piece about/by Virginia Valian whom Theo Nestor spend quite a bit of time discussing as to her work practice or how one gets work done. I have no idea how this class is going to work. I have a memory stick about half full with my Writing folder, Genealogy folder, class websites, bank, and blog in it. Just in case, cuz I really don’t know what I’m supposed to do. The teacher of my next class is in contact with me, his class has to do with writing Fiction. I have two Memoir classes and two Fiction classes to get through. The list of Actual writers I have actually met is growing, I will add one next week and another one about five weeks later. So far I have met Norman Mailer, Bill Kenower, Terry Persun, and various members of the Skagit Valley Writers League, of which I am also a member. I am setting myself up to be a writer and the only thing I seem to be missing is the writing so my goal is to write about 1,000 words per day even after the classes start. My therapist likes my barrels, netting, and really long sticks story start maybe because I added some stuff to the story while I was talking to him…y’know like what a writer does when their in the zone and writing. Only time and practice will tell as to my being a real writer. I had business cards made up with a classic typewriter as the background. I started a science fiction by Terry Persun and it’s pretty enjoyable. The beginning takes place in a dystopian world so I had to look that up so that a word I now use has some meaning. The main reason I am taking a set of classes from the University of Washington is so that I can be an alumni of a school that has sports teams I can route for, oh, and I guess, so that I can learn to write better. I think that once I get down there and get over the initial whatever it is I will do fine. I did vow that if I ever did anymore schooling I would only do it where there was a face to face part, no online for me from here on out. If I have a genre that I really like it has to be Espionage. I like Espionage because I grew up watching the Vietnam War on TV and I served in the United States Air Force in Europe during the Cold War. Ciao!

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