I have a new keyboard that I need to install. I really like working on ‘puters, but I really like not having to do anything so that I can daydream away the day. I’m taking some writing classes that are kinda fun and kinda interesting. I get freewrites, they and writing at a certain time during the day seem to be the best advice so far. Also, I really need to learn how to type…maybe learning how to type is my next big goal? I type along using about 4-6 fingers and always use my thumb for the space bar. I have adapted, but I still cannot really type and for me to want to be a writer I think I will set my sights on that goal that I first tried to do in summer school between 8th Grade and Freshman year of high school. I passed that class with a C, but elected to not get the credit on my transcript. My high school GPA was around 2.3 etc. but my college GPA was 3.7 with Cum Laude Latin honors. Maybe I liked college more? Maybe It made more sense to me what college entailed and what I could do with it, like go to graduate school, go to Law school, go to hell in a handcart. I have a book on getting a graduate degree and it says in the back that it’s okay to be a writer if all else fails, because not everyone can complete a graduate degree…people like me, because it takes too much sticking to something for me to do that education thingy again. I have class again in just two days and I’m kinda looking forward to it, but not. I want the credential, but it doesn’t take a credential to be a writer, now does it? There is a writing school/set of classes run by James Patterson and I now have a couple of books by him and he can’t write worth a shit if’n you asked me. Taking his classes would be like saying I want to write like shit or it makes no difference if I write like shit. The teachers that I have now have at least written good, passable, decent books that are worth reading and even reading again. James Patterson leaves a lot  to the “better learn some of these skills somewheres else.” The problem with writing is that many talented writers make so little money they can’t feed themselves and many marginal writers are worth millions. Personally, I would much rather be rich than famous. I know that money solves nothing and that fame would cause me to be a clock tower sniper in just a few months. Only time and practice will tell with me, so far I have not written enough to qualify myself as a real writer. Maybe I’m just trying to find my voice? The Right to Write: An Invitation and Initiation into the Writing Life by Julia Cameron is a great writing book!

I know what to do different when I drive down to the University of Washington again in two days. I will leave a half an hour later (1430), get the cheaper rates, stay on the top level of the parking garage, and look for N5 that seems to be much closer to the Savery building than where I parked last week. Maybe I’ll look for a place near our building where I can grab a bite to eat and a drink? I guess I am looking forward to going to class #2. Just 29 classes to go…maybe I will take another look at that James Patterson version, maybe not. Y’now, Bill Shakespeare, William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway, and many other writers never went to college. Maybe with what little education I do have I am actually overqualified to be a writer, maybe I need a little dumbing down and little more humility? I just need enough ego to get me to write and maybe some cool tunes to listen to once in a while? I just figured out what my daily goal is for today: you! 1,000 words!! We will see if I can get there without stalling out with no subject matter at hand.

I like the idea of education and I sometimes like the doing of it as well. I could use some water…and some tunes. I miss my wife, I hope she is okay.

I like doing Genealogy for people. Even if they do not want me to do their family tree for them I want to just to show them I can or it’s possible. Many people do not want their family tree done because they had/have crappy parents. What do you think mine were? I had to find a way to look beyond them to find some redemption in the distant past. I have Native American heritage, but I prefer to call it First Nations like the Canadians do. I have traced back to at least 34 Patriots who served in the American Revolution. I’m not much of a fan of the War of Northern Aggression, maybe it because I had grandfathers on both sides of that war. The interesting thing about my Revolutionary Patriots is that all but two of them fought for Southern Colonies. I love my deep Southern heritage. I remain fascinated with Royal genealogy and know from experience that it takes a whole lot of real work to find Royalty in a family tree. I love the movie King Ralph for this very reason…if he can do it, I can do it! I have to do a few more things before I go to bed tonight like some laundry if I can remember how to do it that will be good.

Just a few more words and I’m home free. Tomorrow I will write at least three times to see which time of the day feels best to me. Only time and practice will tell if I can make it as a writer and maybe some marketing would help too. I’m retired now and jus want to have fun!

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