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  1. paulstuartnachbar

    I looked up the dates of Jules Renards birth and death If I recall them correctly which is not always the case they were 1864 to1910 Did all else really fail now and then? Or did it seem to fail?I am not sure.Even though I am pretty solidly in the capitalist versus socialist camp and always have been despite a lot of gossiping bickering and scapegoating these are tough issues now and then Where is the true demand for one’s best writing? Maybe nowhere?Maybe somewhere?Maybe both?Does it mean that it will get you somewhere?Maybe yes ?Maybe no? Is one ridiculous now in the sense that a gentleman would have been considered ridiculous in 19th century Europe if one quote unquote ‘fails”? Much better i think and much worse too Why? Because such dudes were seen as gentlemen primarily at least at times and not primarily as functionaries in semi free semi rigged due to social factors social systems of all kinds Big big can of worms. I don’t have any or much French or other European ancestry of any kind that i know of from back then but did get four A’s in independent study type tutorials with a professor at Wesleyan A communist alas but a terribly tough grader which i did not know at the time My ex girlfriend a bright cookie and double major got a C minus in the one class she took with him Why a communist or a so called communist? Because all the kids in his peer group either became Nazis or communists and he was born into a lower middle class Jewish family When they settled down and got a Phd in one field or another some moved to the left because everybody else did -usually in areas such as art or literature or history -and some moved to the right because everybody else did – usually history plus economics and say physics or philosophy Why did they do that? Probably because of the not entirely infrequent occurance of human strangeons if you know that phrase from physics: particles that we generally dont expect in society or in our part of the universe which have a slightly different and incompatible structure versus the vast majority of subatomic particles and which can potentially destroy the universe. I use strangeons as a metaphor and am not even sure if they still use the term anywhere probably due to human strangeon exposure. But there is or was a strangeon detection post out near our Stoneybrook University a while ago. Yeah just like asteroids but maybe not entirely: they are real , they are out there they possibly did tons and tons of damage or have some regularity but who knows when it
    comes to the nitty gritty?


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