Just Write

Everything I read about writing, every class or program I go to, every sage piece of advice I have found about writing…just write. Is it that simple? Am I supposed to write like a gerbil in a wheel? I don’t seem to have any thoughts in my head when I sit down to write. One thing is for sure, I will be very glad when these classes I signed up for are done. I really just want to be left alone, but what good is that to a writer in the long run? Contracts, agents, lawyers, business decisions, public readings? What happened to Just Write?

1 thought on “Just Write

  1. paulstuartnachbar

    we are all sort of like gerbils in wheels.or well i usually think of us as hamsters rather than gerbils though I know next to nothing about eitherThink of it this way : whether you are literally alone or not you are also located in an enormous structure possibly with many many levels and many rooms in each level , all containing gerbils and or hamsters in their wheels. I guess there are boss hamsters and leader hamsters and union hamsters and mafia hamsters and political party hamsters, privileged and unprivileged, smart dumb talented inept black brown gold orange and blue? Some of the other gerbils and hamsters will in their wheels have similar thoughts and many wont.Maybe that depends on how they fared in hamster and or gerbil elementary school junior high school high school college graduate school or other wild and tame places where you find hamsters and or gerbils?Most hamsters and gerbils are not writers or maybe do not want to be or cant? Of course since it is a very big world how. millions of hamsters and or gerbils want to be or become writers whatever the hell that means at any given point and place and time Or writers plus other things? Sometimes this is super hard and you dont have enough contact with enough people who can tell you why or they say the wrong thing and you believe it Why? Probably the ones involved with contracts agents business decisions and public readings are on some level though they mask this most of the time insanely jealous of any hamster and or gerbil who steps out of hamster and or gerbil lines (on and offline) and tries to do what they may want and need to do in their personal and creative way whether you win or lose. Hey if they had your luck they would be doing that too and doing a better job than you Supposedly Same with who you are whatever that means who this one and that one are or were or will be including imaginary and complex entities and what becomes of y’all. I met an artist in Manhattan back in the early 1980’s who took a couple of peeks of stuff i did at art school from whence I also droppeth out of as with many schools and jobs and commitments –good semi semi famous respected visual artist who is still around and said “all you have to do is just relax” (to do good art to make it whatever?) The best answer to all of your open or semi open questions here is probably “nobody really knows whats what including you and me Nobody really ever did ever know Nobody ever really will” Of course like any other hamster or gerbil i too want to be the hamster in chief and or gerbil in chief the hamster or gerbil who always wins or is always the best or brightest and is always right? The Dudley Doright of Hamsters or Gerbils. Idk After a long stretch of totally unrewarded or super rewarded writing (every day since 2003 when i quit me last real dayjob i also want to be the sort of oppressed or oppressive hamsters or gerbils in the middle who sometimes win but not always or that much and the hamsters on the bottom including all the way at the bottom If you want or need the money I guess doing a writing job or a writing project of any kind seems to me a lot like creative or social or intellectual or historical or psychological or financial or other types of engineering in or around the Grand Palace of Hamsters and Gerbils My two plus cents


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