Half done….

I’m half done with my first class. The one thing I do not like is that these are continuing education credits. The one thing I do like is the face to face and collaborative part that I didn’t get by testing out of college. I best get started on my long assignment which gets shared and peer-reviewed so I can roll with a first draft if necessary. I got some ideas rattling around in my brain, for a change, which I was hoping would happen or I was going to punt on this set of courses. I really like Medieval history and it’s my favorite part of doing genealogy, finding that someone’s verified roots go back to at least 1500 AD. I am being forced to think about and forced to write about a childhood that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. It is much like any other crappy childhood, but this one is mine and what does sharing it have to do with me getting better or getting over it? Well, I have a weblog started which is a good tool for a writer to practice and get his work in front of people. I am pretty good at the 12 minute writes we do in class and I can just write sometimes, but I need to want to write, and my first instinct needs to be to write, and I need what Virginia Wolfe needed and got, a room with a view and a small allowance. Her 500 pounds/annual translates into 25,000 pounds now or about $40,000 current money. I have looked at what I have done over the years when reading, I have looked at the legal/historical method of what’s going on and have not looked to see how people actually do their writing. I got a lot of books I do want to read at least half of them before I die. No small goal in and of itself. When I prioritize my writing and actually get in the writing groove, we will see what comes out of me.

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