My Family

By 1981, my mom and our cousin, Barb Riipi, had been making trips to the national archives in St Louis, MO for the last few years. My mom handed me a pile of papers: some were hand drawn pedigree charts, and some copied papers of information that they had found. She told me that John Lewis was my immigrant ancestor (not true), that he had given 5 sons to the American Revolution (not true), that he had killed to Irish lord in Ireland and had fled to America (mostly myth), and that we did not descend from anyone who had served in the American Revolution, at least not yet.


                I first discovered the Valley Manuscript written by Margaret Lynn, wife of John Lewis, but further enquiry shows this to be a hoax.


In 1996 I decided to get on the internet for the first time. One day I typed John Lewis into Infoseek and the second website down was a website dedicated to my 6th GG, John Lewis and his descendants. This website was run by Brenda Lewis, now Gervais. After a few days spending time on the discussion board, someone asked if it was possible to get a copy of The Family of John Lewis, Pioneer compiled by Irvin Frazier. Within the hour I had purchased a copy from a small bookstore in West Virginia and put all of the information on the John Lewis, Pioneer discussion board. Within 4 hours all of the copies had been bought from that store. 5 generations of my family are completely documented in that book. Now the book sells for upwards of $600.


                The book Kinfolks of William Parke and Synah Perry & Josiah Wilson and William Crow by Margie Ellis Howell is the best resource for our family from Miller to Lewis. It is available on under BOOKS just type in: Parke Perry Wilson Crow and you can find the book. Try Google as well.



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  1. paulstuartnachbar

    I wonder if you ever got comments from friends family or teachers or experts or bosses or peers etc etc or the peanut gallery about ‘living in the past’,’not rising to your potential in the present or ‘overworrying about the future”? These reactions are just a total guess on my part and of course I am likely to be 100 percent wrong However they seem to be very typical reactions to folks who do similar things to you and me..and of course every single writer and artist etc living and dead has given some or a lot or tons and tons of ‘good advice’ (along with everybody else) I try my very best not to truly give advice and or criticism of any kind because -and I think you can understand I am pretty much telling it like it is–it always gets me in trouble and inevitably so For those who like me as i am and dig me as I am at least at this point the best ‘sign’ I can give them is that I’m still alive and kicking So wny did I ‘kick’ at them occasionally in such an annoying,miserable and horrible manner? Oy veh This has happened to me thousands of times and I can’t seem to fix things even I relentlessly explain and apologize No very rarely what I said or did or meant but how it was perceived remembered or interpreted who ‘expected more’ from me or ‘people like me’ Why ? Hey maybe I’m weird too but the world is also weird if one is honest and in some ways i am outnumbered alas108 billion plus or minus to one Oh yeah arent we all? Uh well if one doesnt get the right sequence of lotto tickets life or ordinary life can be a sticky wicket whatever to paraphrase walt whitman another of my favorite American protestant white people said ‘the charts and diagrams “(from his very good poem if you hadnt guessed “When I heard the learn’d astronomer


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