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MA Ancient and Classical History

Covers the broad sweep of European history and provides a foundation in historical theory, trends, and concepts for further study of topical history at the graduate level. Topics include Greek civilization through the 4th century B.C., the fall of the Roman empire, the development of the Ottoman culture, and the Crusades.


Upon successful completion of this concentration, the student will be able to:

  • Explain and critique Ancient Greece’s political, economic, social, and intellectual movements.
  • Explain and critique Roman history from its beginnings until the Age of Constantine including the political and social developments in the Republic and the early empire.
  • Examine and appraise great Byzantium leaders, the spread of Christianity throughout the Roman Empire, the recapture of Constantinople from the crusaders, and the impact of Byzantium culture on Western intellect.
  • Explain and assess European social, political, economic, and religious institutions and cultural and intellectual phenomena in the light of the changing historical environment from the end of the Ancient World to the Renaissance.
  • Explain and assess the medieval church and rise of the Renaissance papacy; growth of humanism, including painters, architects, and sculptors; city-states and monarchies of the Holy Roman Empire; religious upheavals of Protestantism; Anabaptists; the Catholic Reformation.


HIST 501  Historiography

HIST 500  Historical Research Methods


HIST 531  The Greek Civilization

HIST 532  The Roman Republic and Empire

HIST 533  Late Antiquity and Byzantium

HIST 534  Medieval Europe

HIST 535  Renaissance and Reformation

HIST 597  Graduate Seminar in European History

HIST 611  Ancient Warfare

HIST 643  The Ottoman Empire


HIST 691  Writing a Thesis Proposal

HIST 699  Master of Arts in History – Thesis

Patriot Ancestors

Allen Valentine
Allison Alexander
Bailey Carr
Callahan Edward
Cawood Berry
Cawood Stephen
Coombs John
Cornett Nathaniel
Cox Cary
Crow William
Davidson Daniel
Duff Shadrack
Gilbert Thomas
Gilbert Thomas
Hardy John
Haynes George
Haynes William
Hunseker Abraham
Isaacs Godfrey
Joyce Elijah
Joyce John
Lumpkin Dickerson
Lumpkin Dickerson
Shook Jacob
Tillman John
Turner William
Upton Robert
Ware Henry
Wilson James
Wilson Phillip
Wren George
Wren William

My Family

By 1981, my mom and our cousin, Barb Riipi, had been making trips to the national archives in St Louis, MO for the last few years. My mom handed me a pile of papers: some were hand drawn pedigree charts, and some copied papers of information that they had found. She told me that John Lewis was my immigrant ancestor (not true), that he had given 5 sons to the American Revolution (not true), that he had killed to Irish lord in Ireland and had fled to America (mostly myth), and that we did not descend from anyone who had served in the American Revolution, at least not yet.


                I first discovered the Valley Manuscript written by Margaret Lynn, wife of John Lewis, but further enquiry shows this to be a hoax.


In 1996 I decided to get on the internet for the first time. One day I typed John Lewis into Infoseek and the second website down was a website dedicated to my 6th GG, John Lewis and his descendants. This website was run by Brenda Lewis, now Gervais. After a few days spending time on the discussion board, someone asked if it was possible to get a copy of The Family of John Lewis, Pioneer compiled by Irvin Frazier. Within the hour I had purchased a copy from a small bookstore in West Virginia and put all of the information on the John Lewis, Pioneer discussion board. Within 4 hours all of the copies had been bought from that store. 5 generations of my family are completely documented in that book. Now the book sells for upwards of $600.


                The book Kinfolks of William Parke and Synah Perry & Josiah Wilson and William Crow by Margie Ellis Howell is the best resource for our family from Miller to Lewis. It is available on under BOOKS just type in: Parke Perry Wilson Crow and you can find the book. Try Google as well.



Writing fer money

I have been thinking about becoming a Paralegal so that I can get paid more consistently than my Genealogy ability seems to provide. I am very good at doing the research necessary to create a family tree.

Today, I have been doing some research on Freelance writing or writing fer money. The various websites and videos give a fun and interesting picture of the life of a Freelance writer. Writer as job is a new concept for me after a lifetime of working in a factory. I have about 2/3 of my Certificate in Writing to finish over the next several months and then I will be seeking employment, hopefully in a fun way. Wish me luck.


I have worked long and hard on my family tree. My mom started all of this work back in the 1970’s and gave me copies of what she was able to discover in the early Eighties, but was unable to find a Patriot that we descended from or anything except our “immigrant ancestor” which she said was John Lewis who gave five sons to the American Revolution. We descend from one of his daughters. Over the many years since I have worked on and repaired what she had found and I have even thrown it all out an started again many times. I have two versions of my family tree saved on Ancestry, an almost anything goes version with much of what I have learned and a strict version with only what I can find that record after record supports. I have been doing genealogy for so long that it bores me even to talk about it anymore.

I have traced back to at least 34 Patriots who served in the American Revolution, more on my dad’s side than on my mom’s side, and I have joined the Sons of the American Revolution I intend to maintain that membership for as long as I live. We are in the process of proving a Patriot for my wife, Annie, so that she can join the Daughters of the American Revolution. I have even traced back to the kings and queens of Europe.

I have done dozens of family trees for people. I have traced people back to the Revolution, the Mayflower, Native Americans, and Royalty.


This is just a quick list of my Royal great-grandparents.

English: Henry VIII, Henry VII, Edward IV, Edward III, Edward II, Edward I, Henry III, John, Henry II, Henry I, Matilda, Stephen, William the Conqueror, Harold II, Edmund II Ironside, Aethelred II the Unready, Edgar the Peaceful, Edmund I the Magnificent, Edward I the Elder, Alfred the Great, Aethelred I, Aethelwulf, Egbert.

Scottish: James I, Robert III, Robert II, Robert the Bruce, Alexander II, William I the Lion, David I the Saint, Donald III Bane, Malcolm III Canmore, Duncan I the Gracious, Malcolm II, Kenneth II, Malcolm I, Donald II Dasachtach, Constantine I, Kenneth MacAlpin.