MA in Humanities from American Public University

The Master of Arts in Humanities is based on the great ideas, works, and thinkers who defined civilization as embodied in the “great books” tradition established at the University of Chicago and now in use at other leading institutions such as the University of Notre Dame, Boston University, and Columbia University. You will evaluate humankind’s fundamental topics through courses in humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. You may find this online master’s degree to be excellent preparation for advanced skills in writing, presenting ideas, and creative problem solving.

Degree Program Objectives

In addition to the institutional and degree level learning objectives, graduates of this program are expected to achieve these learning outcomes:

Research, Thinking, and Writing

  • Critically analyze literary works for their contribution to the body of human knowledge.
  • Articulate written positions on ideas that stem from the great works of human thought.
  • Apply classical logic to historical and contemporary issues of human behavior, society, and civilization.

Advanced Knowledge of the Great Works

  • Examine the human experience from multidimensional perspectives from antiquity to modern times through examining leading authors and works of each age.
  • Analyze the origins and implications of the concept of individualism as it applies in concepts of tradition, power, society, and culture.
  • Use advanced science and social science knowledge, methods, and logic to inform and influence scientific and/or social processes and structures.

Core Requirements:

HUMN500 Humanities: Research, Study and Use

HUMN510 The Ancient World

HUMN520 Antiquity and Medieval World

HUMN530 The Renaissance

HUMN541 Enlightenment and the Modern World

HUMN551 Evolution of Life and Intelligence

HUMN555 The 19th Century: Romantic and Industrial Revolutions

Major Requirements: (Pick Four)

HIST557 History and Popular Culture

HIST586 History of Science

HIST588 History of Religion

HUMN550 Evolution of Earth and Universe

HUMN561 Society, Class and Wealth

HUMN571 Individuals, Societies, and the Spirit

Final Program Requirements:

HUMN697 Humanities Capstone Portfolio Seminar

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