MA in History changes….

I am not happy, but there have been some changes in the MA in History degree.

These have been removed:

HIST691 Writing a Thesis Proposal

HIST699 Master of Arts in History – Thesis

Replaced with this:

HIST698 Comprehensive Exam in History (All concentrations except Public History ) 1

Which amounts to a six hour session, while being watched/monitored, answering four essay questions.

Not going to happen.

ANSWER FROM American Public University:

Students who wish to pursue a PhD, or those who have career goals that might require a thesis, can petition the History Department Chair to take the thesis option instead of the comprehensive exam. The thesis petition should be forwarded to the chair before you have completed 24 credit hours. The petition requires you to have developed a solid topic and should include the signatures of two faculty members, one of whom has agreed to serve as the thesis advisor.

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