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Pilot in Command

I have owned about 45 flight simulators. Flight Sims seem to be my favorite program to run on a computer. I have watched aircraft flying around for most of my life. I even read several books by Gordon Baxter about flying. I have looked into flight lessons many times, but one time I actually went flying. There used to be an ad on the back cover of flying magazines for learning to fly with Cessna so I called them and was told they no longer had this service, but recommended a private airfield that did, the Colonel James Jabara airport in Wichita, Kansas. I called, made an appointment, and showed up after work two days later. I was as nervous as a cat. A very young guy was to be my flight instructor and we walked out to a seven-colored Cessna 150. He started doing the walk around inspection and so did I. He asked me what I did in the United States Air Force and I told him Crew Chief of F-16’s, he told me to finish the walk around. He taxied the aircraft, took off and almost immediately gave me control of the yoke. I flew around, without any help, for almost an hour before he took control of the plane and landed it. He then explained that he had never allowed that much flight time during a first flight and said that I was a natural. I went back to flying flight sims with the knowledge that I had the goods to be a pilot.

MA Ancient and Classical History

Covers the broad sweep of European history and provides a foundation in historical theory, trends, and concepts for further study of topical history at the graduate level. Topics include Greek civilization through the 4th century B.C., the fall of the Roman empire, the development of the Ottoman culture, and the Crusades.


Upon successful completion of this concentration, the student will be able to:

  • Explain and critique Ancient Greece’s political, economic, social, and intellectual movements.
  • Explain and critique Roman history from its beginnings until the Age of Constantine including the political and social developments in the Republic and the early empire.
  • Examine and appraise great Byzantium leaders, the spread of Christianity throughout the Roman Empire, the recapture of Constantinople from the crusaders, and the impact of Byzantium culture on Western intellect.
  • Explain and assess European social, political, economic, and religious institutions and cultural and intellectual phenomena in the light of the changing historical environment from the end of the Ancient World to the Renaissance.
  • Explain and assess the medieval church and rise of the Renaissance papacy; growth of humanism, including painters, architects, and sculptors; city-states and monarchies of the Holy Roman Empire; religious upheavals of Protestantism; Anabaptists; the Catholic Reformation.


HIST 501  Historiography

HIST 500  Historical Research Methods


HIST 531  The Greek Civilization

HIST 532  The Roman Republic and Empire

HIST 533  Late Antiquity and Byzantium

HIST 534  Medieval Europe

HIST 535  Renaissance and Reformation

HIST 597  Graduate Seminar in European History

HIST 611  Ancient Warfare

HIST 643  The Ottoman Empire


HIST 691  Writing a Thesis Proposal

HIST 699  Master of Arts in History – Thesis

Together We Served


I would like to invite you to join the Together We Served website. I think it is by far the best Veteran’s website out there and need not cost you any money. You can find buddies that you served with, display your ribbons/medals, search for reunions, and they even have memorabilia. All it takes is a few minutes of your time and I get the satisfaction of knowing another veteran.

You can Google Together We Served, look for your branch of service, and use my membership #97087 of USAF TWS to sign-up!

Thanks in advance!!

Sgt., USAF 1982-1986

USAF TWS membership # 97087