Assignment #2; Write a Scene:


After leaving the USAF with an Honorable discharge I was full of piss and vinegar. I was arrogant as the day was long and I longed for doing something exciting. I looked into going in the US Army, joining CIA, and the various cop shops that might hire me. I went to Wichita, Kansas to stay with a friend and his family and started looking into what to do next. I ended up going with the safest path called Boeing, and subconsciously I have regretted it ever since. I walked into the main employment office with a purpose.

“I’d like to apply for a job.” I said.

The jaded worker behind the counter said, “What jobs on the board do you think you can do?”

“I could do the Quality Control job.” Realizing that I must still look pretty young at 24.

“What QA/QC experience do you have?”

“I had Red X orders in the Air Force,” I replied.

“What other jobs do you think you can do on that board?”

“I can do the Modification Electrician & Mechanic, Field & Hangar job.”

She picked up a well-worn 3×5 card and read, “Can you install and remove HI-LOKs?”

“I can install and remove any aircraft fastener in the world.”

She again read the card, “Can you install and remove HI-LOKs?”


She responded, “Here is the application, fill it out, and bring it back to me.”

It took almost an hour to fill out all of that paperwork. I took the completed paperwork to the counter.

She said, “We will call you if we are interested.”

“Thank you.”

The next Monday I went to the Modification employment office, walked in, and asked where my paperwork was in the process.

“We will call you if we are interested,” they replied.

The next day I was sitting outside the Mod office just thinking. I started watching the ladies walking out on their way to lunch. No one locked the door! After a few minutes I walked into the Mod office and slid up to the counter.

The manager walked up and said, “Can I help you?”

“I put in my application last week and I was wondering if I could get scheduled for a Plate Test?

“He looked in his pile of applications, found mine, and said, “Could you come here tomorrow?”

“I will be there!”

The next day 17 people showed up to take the Plate test. You are given a drawing that shows how to assemble the 3 plates and what fasteners to install in which rows. When finished, the instructor inspects your work and then asks you to remove specific fasteners from each row. Not everybody gets asked to do the second part where you remove fasteners. When we were all done only 3 of the 17 people were offered jobs.

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